Saturday, June 15, 2013

Notes From The Cassandra Summit 2013

It was nice to see my former Datastax coworkers during the summit that took place at fort Mason in San Francisco. As expected, each Cassandra summit is becoming more and more crowded which proves that the technology is getting more popular in the industry. I was very impressed and happy at the same time to see that all sort of companies are moving towards using Cassandra for different areas of their stack. Few of them include Instagram replacing their sharded Redis cluster with a Cassandra one running on SSDs serving peaks of 20k write operations 15k reads per second, and Spotify serving their 24+ million users out of Cassandra cluster with about 300 Cassandra nodes between the 24 different services that use the database to store 50TB of data.
Solid state Drives (SSDs) give really high throughput specially if your access pattern is mostly random. If you manage your own hardware you should definitely consider SSDs for the data partition. If AWS is your call then hi1.4xlarge is your friend.

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